Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Hey look at this! Starbun Fan art! Already! What the?!
I have to say it is great to be receiving such a good response from you guys.
This illustration is pretty wild, I must say! Sort of an homage to Starbun 6, I guess. Thanks, man! ( I like that one too.)
Just a few comments on it:
Gee, where to start.....
The shitty semi-manga style speaks for itself. “Needs immense improvement” is more or less what it is saying. Politely by the way.
Um, Ector ( I am assuming that is who the character on the right is) looks really crappy. What made you think hair like that would look good? It doesn't. What is up with his right hand? The cone is almost going through his knuckles. Also the shading on the neck doesn't work. This is me being nice.
A hint for drawing Starbun: Don’t make him a three legged cat. Because that is pretty much exactly what he isn’t. And you drew the star wrong.
What else....
Oh yeah. Try avoiding colouring next time. Because you can’t. And was that a conscious decision not to colour the tongues? Seems weird to me.
And “You made it so my ice cream fell”? That is just a really awkward sentence. And from what I can see, it just a little blob that fell. Ector still has plenty of ice cream, man. Doesn't seem like a big deal. Why is Starbun saying “Crescent moon symbol?” Am I missing something?
Anyway, other than that...Great stuff! It is a real hoot to receive things like this, so keep it coming!!


Anonymous said...

Heh...Thanks for the pointers Emmett!
I will try them on the next stuff I send you.
I guess I thought it would be cool with a differnet look.
You are right about the ice cream. And I guess the moon shape was little joke I tried because Starbun has a star on him and I thought him saying moon would be a funny thing to do. Oh well!
Thanks again, Emmett! Starbun is really awesome! One of my favorites for sure! You rock!

Wyatt said...

I'm sorry Emmett but I think you should sign over your starbun rights to the new artist. A stroke of genius this strip was. I nearly caca-ed myself.

Dan Yu said...

Bwahaha!! is all I've got to say

Mike Fly said...

I think is funny.