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Happy Halloween Starbun readers!

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Well here we are. Starbun 150!
I've been pretty slow with new ones of late. I apologize.
Who still reads this anyway?
Raise your hands in the comment section. That way I can gauge my motives for motivation or lack there of.
Thanks to all who've come along this far.
More Starbuns are on the way!

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Sorry for taking forever, my precious readers.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bonus Starbun Special!

The Funday Sunnies anthology is offically released.

Check out the Cloudsape website for further info.
And because I've been a little neglectful, here is one of the Starbun Super Specials from the book to entertain and entice.

Buy a comic.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Cloudscape's Funday Sunnies Preview!

Hej Champs!
Been a while, no? Well, I've been in Denmark. In fact, I still am.
But check it out:

There's a whole page of Starbun in this upcoming anthology with Cloudscape comics!
The comic comes out in April but click Here for a tasty morsel. There's plenty more in the final book, so prep your wallets!
That's it for now...but the schematics for Starbun 144 have been drawn up and construction will commence shortly.
Tak skal du have,

-Emmett Hall

Friday, February 20, 2009

STARBUN 143 and semi-hiatus?

Okay Starbun readers.
This may be it for a while.
As of next Thursday I will be in Denmark for pretty much 4 months.
I'm attending school there to further my animation training and I have a feeling that opportunities to make further Starbun episodes will be seldom.
I do have a couple treats in store to keep you coming back from time to time.
Over the next little while I'll post some Starbun specials that I made for the upcoming Cloudscape anthology, "Funday Sunnies". Maybe I'll toss in some fan art for good measure.
Thanks guys and Farvel for now

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