Friday, July 07, 2006

Why Starbun Was Gone. And Is Now Back!

Hello my dearest Starbun Readers. Thank you for the patience. Torturous, I know.
But Emmett Hall is back in his Canadian town of Vancouver. Where was he? What could possibly have postponed Starbun for so long? Why, he attempted a Vacation!
Yeah...I finished my job in Paris and thought I'd best take advatage of being in Europe before going back to Canada. I signed up for a drawing course/holiday in Italy. You and 13 other people chill out in the Italian countryside for 3 weeks drawing thousands of years of history. Cool!
Or was it?
Look below.
This is who I was stuck with (all by myself) for 3 WEEKS. 13 quebecois strangers that look like they were randomly pulled out of a PTA meeting.
And add the fact that my wallet was stolen and I was stuck in the airport a whole day before meeting the group.
Can you find the asshole who created Starbun?
A clue: The one who is not your mom.
Laugh. you are allowed. I am satill trying to.
Now back to Starbun Cartoons!


MNK [-_-] said...

Ooooo Weeeeee !
Rock on....

alex said...


Wyatt said...

Emmett, I think you need a shave.

DdK said...

Did ya get lucky?

Emmett said...

Don't I know, Wyatt.
The whole experience aged me considerably. I look like I'm in my 60's.