Friday, October 27, 2006

STARBUN 50! (3D glasses required)

Hiya Champs! We did it! Mostly me!
At last Starbun 50.
In 3D, no less! And if you look closely, maybe you will find the bonus panel. Oooo.
Thanks to all the readers for stickin' it out this far.


Anonymous said...


Justin said...

I actually had 3D glasses with me at work today... how lucky am I? It works too. Don't know if you intended it work. But it does.

Emmett said...

Of course I intended it!
It took me over a week to figure out how off-set those colours just right.
Your welcome.

Anonymous said...

What, no Halloween episode?


Emmett said...

What? Huh? Whainh?

ridd1 said...

i don't have 3D glasses but if i cross my left eye, squint a little, tilt my head and hold my breath, it hurts.

MNK [-_-] said...

It works! with the 3D glasses I see a crapy drawing.