Thursday, March 29, 2007


What the? Wazza? Hummana-Huh? Fan Art! About time too.
Last time was what? The summer? we go. Another offering to Starbun from its devoted followers.
Hmmm..hmm…I have so much I want to critque on this piece, but I feel I should reciprocate the lack of effort. Guess that means keeping this short and shit.
What medium is that? Venus HB on Hilroy fullscap? Bold choice. Could do with a bit more margin line on the right though. Actually try using a Pink Pearl next time. Give the whole thing a once-over with it.
Another bold maneuver was using a bulb of garlic with Barbie eyes instead of Ector. Frankly, I don’t like it, but that is why you drew it and not me.
“BFF’s” huh? Seriously…BFF’s? Or is it some kind of ironic comment? Undermine the characters’ relationship? Not impressed. I have been tirelessly developing the bond of my protagonists for close to a year now and you decide to mock it. Wow.
One thing I do appreciate is the spirals and stars. The crazy laser show you got going there helps to distract from the fact that Starbun’s face looks like an ewok after a botched makeover.
I will leave it there.
Boy…sure is refreshing to get stuff from you guys. Reminds me somebody is still reading. Keeps me motivated! Thanks so much. New Starbuns soon!