Sunday, April 15, 2007


Well whaddayaknow! Starbun is exactly 1 year old today. Meaning that I posted the first cartoon on April 15/2006. Just above you can see the thumbnails for that very cartoon taken from my little black Starbun notebook. Click on the April 2006 archive and compare...heck and them all over again!
Thanks to all 5-10 of you that keep reading this on a regular basis. Sorry for the inconsistency of posting. AND sorry this is still a dumb blog. Just haven't found the time and the know-how to make something officially stellar. It'll come. I spent the twengoddamty dollars for the domain name...I'd best do something!
Just thought it would be a pleasant self-indulgence to make aware of this momentous anniversary.
And just below, for a lark, is the very first incarnation of Starbun himself! It came about while doodling on instant messenger with a buddy of mine(Nanoneen in the links section). We were exchanging dolty cutesy cartoons...I happened to make this puffy cat-thing. From there I transformed him into...a bun. with a star.
Starbun is not a cat.
Alright folks...just around the corner is # 75!

-Emmett Hall


Anonymous said...

Starbun is not a cat, but is he Keft Cake?


Anonymous said... it possible to make a birthday cake out of intestines?