Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fan Art Time!

Hey hey!
It's that time again...Fan Art!
I must say, it is so encouraging to receive this stuff.
Keeps me motivated to maintain new cartoons for my audience.
Otherwise people send stuff like this.
"I can make a Starbun too...because I love him...Why do you hide his beauty, Mr. Hall...look what I made...I put mascara on him...and lip liner...and put cardboard behind him..."
Almost like some kind of twisted death threat.
I also appreciate peoples' choice of mediums...experimenting a bit. Things I would never consider.
I guess this person here decided to delve into the "Accessories" list in their windows Start menu...dusted off the ol' Microsoft Paint...what's this one? Version 3.0?....maybe 4?...hard to tell.
I am a little confused on how to discern this piece. Is it a joke? As in you are mocking Starbun?
The "pffft!" as if scoffing at itself? Like...maybe it is wretched on purpose? Seems a little mean.
And this person felt they had to label Starbun. Unsure of the clarity of the subject? That lack of confidence really highlights the lack of skill. Nice touch!
Well, I hope made your day by posting this. It made mine! Always nice to be reminded that my readers care about Starbun as much as I!
Keep 'em comin', folks! What's stoppin' ya?
Okay...onwards to 89 we go!

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pinky said...

fun stuff emmett!