Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cartoon Christmas Card!

Well...it is not an episode of Starbun or even Starbun related, but it is the next best thing!
My animated Christmas card all done by me!

Press Play.
There is audio as well, so having speakers or headphones help with that.

[Upload your own video]

Happy Holidays Everyfolk!
I made another page to view ALL my previous cards!

-Emmett Hall


Gary said...

Excellent! Your best kringle yet!

John Young said...

so good!

Mike Linton said...

A beauty to behold. Just think, your flash filled career in animation began in a land called Kalamazoooo

Mary-Anne said...

My favourite! Even better than the one with the penis!

sTeVeLeC said...

Awesome! The animation kills.

Honkbarn said...

That was some funny stuff. It reminds me of my childhood except instead of yelling at me I got beaten with a bar of soap in a sock so that it wouldn't leave bruising.

Dan Yu said...

haha nice work! get's better
every year.

ok kid said...


Fades said...

Emmet, You are a genious who can transform the mundane into profound