Monday, October 06, 2008

VIIF 2008

Hey Readers of Starbun
Instead of a comic, I will post an illustration I did that will never get used for the Vancouver International Improv Festival. Starts tomorrow (Oct 7) and runs until October 11 at the Roundhouse Performance Centre.
Groups from all over Canada and the US are in town and it will be a great and hilarious and imaginazing time.
Groups like Crumbs, Scratch (they're the ones in the drawing),Instant Theatre, Dad's Garage, Project Project, 4 Track and many others!
AND I'm the musical accompaniment on the piano for a whole bunch of it!
Why wouldn't you go?! Here's all the info

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Mary-Anne said...

well it should be used - it's suh-weet! Love the city in ruins, especially science world - looks like a broken egg.