Friday, January 30, 2009



John Young said...

Oh thank god! At least there's a new Starbun, other than that life's boring as hell. This is s a good one too; goddam stupid adults!

yums said...

Happy 2009 Mr Emmett pants!

John Young said...

ideas for emmett:
Starbun finds Jesus Christ
Starbun underwater
Starbun meets frankenstein
Starbun joins the NFL
miss Starbun(with a bow)
Starbun wears shades
Starbun loses his cool
Starbun takes the cake
Starbun back to the wilderness
Starbun for president(first bun president!)
Starbun joins the work force
Starbun in the army
Starbun awol
Starbun fubar
Starbun meets the pope
Starbun gets depressed
Starbun informs on his friends
Starbun looks inward
Starbun in rehab
Starbun takes up comedy; bombs.
Starbun has a personality crisis
Starbun eats food
Starbun does 25 ta life
Starbun rides again
Starbun takes the high road
Starbun learns a trade
Starbun gets hitched
Starbun goes loco
Starbun in drag
Starbun starts bugging some other kid
Starbun has a litter of baby buns
Starbun gives of his heart
Starbun cheats on the S.A.T.'s
Starbun graduates with honors
Starbun confronts his demons

Emmett said...

Thanks John!
75% of that list is pretty much golden.

John Young said...

i ripped most of it off of garfield.

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