Friday, February 20, 2009

STARBUN 143 and semi-hiatus?

Okay Starbun readers.
This may be it for a while.
As of next Thursday I will be in Denmark for pretty much 4 months.
I'm attending school there to further my animation training and I have a feeling that opportunities to make further Starbun episodes will be seldom.
I do have a couple treats in store to keep you coming back from time to time.
Over the next little while I'll post some Starbun specials that I made for the upcoming Cloudscape anthology, "Funday Sunnies". Maybe I'll toss in some fan art for good measure.
Thanks guys and Farvel for now


Jonathan said...

Have a great time man!

kelly said...

awweee what a sad comic.
and good luck!

Justin said...

I'm glad you got to squeeze some poo in there.

mayhem said...

Starbun goes to Denmark!

Cap College Lifer said...

Hey Emmett, have fun in Denmark! Are you going to the Animation Workshop in Viborg? Our latest animation instructor (replacing Erich and then Keith) will be going over next week to give a workshop! Look out for Florian (3D animation)

Steve said...

Ah! Cliffhanger!

Have fun in Denmark Emmett.