Friday, May 19, 2006


Whipped up a quick sketch of Starbun here.
Thought it would be fun to play around a bit. Came up with this.


Dan Yu said...

Nice line quality on your sketch.
I can clearly see that you haven't
lifted the pencil the whole time
you drew this thing.
Well done.

Emmett said...

I started with the nose.

Justin said...

shut up you just dragged the starbun symbol from your library and exported it as a jpeg.

MNK [-_-] said...

You fools!
He just use a french camembert box and draw the shape out of it.

nanoneen said...

I love the different way you interpret your own character ! amazing how easely you can play with lines and shapes ! can't wait to see more

DaMasta said...


Alex B said...

put the one I sent you!!!
Why are you ashamed of my draws!!! :(

Emmett said...

I am sorry, Alex B. It is just that I currently have a stack of literally over 4,300 pieces of fan art to get through. I am posting them in the order I receive yours is somewhere in the 3,000's, if I remember correctly. Be patient. Please.