Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fan Art!

Hey champs!
Time for another Starbun fan art post! What can I say? People dig drawing the little guy. I know I do. ha ha!
This artist has taken a somewhat different approach to the Starbun character.
A really very uncomfortable one.
Who are you? Why would you take the time to do this?
Ewww. It is so weird!
Generally I would try and give some constructive criticism. Like: The star is wrong and that those orange coffee beans on the beach look stupid and never double click the photoshop icon ever again.
But I can't. Because I am speechless.
So...keep it coming, folks! Always a treat for me.
Except this one.


Anonymous said...

Those are some serious muscular nubs.

Anonymous said...

You know what, Emmett.
Anthropomorphism is a totally misunderstood genre.
A little brash of you to dismiss the artist's work like that.
Granted it has some amateurish qualities, but frankly I find it refreshing
Not so "goofy" like your stuff.
Maybe look into the subject a bit:
I don't know. Maybe I am biased.
And Starbun is still awesome by the way.

DdK said...


Wyatt said...

I was going to say the same thing...Shaddap! Starbun is no beach babe. Sure , I can be creative and draw the little fucker eating oreo's at the beach on the set of the O.C. , mais pourquoi? Why does everyone try and make this character into a smokin' James Dean. Starbun's absurd personality is what keeps me addicted, why try to make him into a muscular babe magnet?........ Why? Simple minded wilknot munchers.

Anonymous said...

Lens flares make me so wet.

Anonymous said...

When you take out the 'an', you get 'fart'.

DaMasta said...

I think the coffee beans are supposed to be poo.

Anonymous said...